Technological innovation

  • Digital maturity assessment
  • Guidance in digital innovation strategy
  • Technological surveillance and innovation scouting
  • Technological transfer services
  • Access to technological infrastructures
  • Access to test benches or living labs
  • Co-operation projects and open innovation
  • Research on demand
  • Development of concept tests of new technologies
  • Technical support in escalating activities
  • Consultancy specialised in IP protection and certification

Training and Awareness

  • Digital technologies awareness
  • New business models supported/based on digital technologies
  • Training in digital technologies
  • Partner mentoring
  • Viewing of cases of success in implementation of digital technologies

Business Development

  • Matchmaking between offer and demand
  • Support in evaluation of economic feasibility, design and validation of new business models, supported/based on digital technologies
  • Access to funding
  • Incubation and acceleration services
  • Market intelligence


Biotechnological Sector

  • Processing of genomic and proteomic information for the design of new drugs
  • Protection of the generated information, preserving anonymity of the origin of the same, and guaranteeing incorruptibility and traceability during its management
  • Generation of systems for sharing information
  • Development of systems for the recovery, processing and analysis of chemoinformatic information for the design of innovative products in all application fields of biotechnology
  • Information screening in bibliographic repositories


  • Estimation of biomass production for improving forest management, integrating and processing great data volumes of a different nature
  • Forecast of increase in diameter of forest species
  • Characterisation of forest resources, including the estimation of interesting properties of plantation species
  • Planning improvement of: forestry operations, prevention plans and defence against fire in forests
  • Access to complex information, as the one generated inside trees

Agro-Sea Food

  • A more effective and optimised management of fishing resources, including fishing processes, by collecting information and data about environmental parameters, pollution levels in water, food and food composition, daily operation levels, etc.
  • Generation of forecasts of season captures
  • A greater control on food, illnesses and growth of species
  • Optimised and integral management of farming and livestock businesses from data generated on the same
  • Greater control of crop development and livestock production
  • Increase in food quality and safety of cultivated species when incorporating operational information to parameters referring to product quality and its preservation in product chambers
  • Improvement on design of refrigerated storage chambers
  • Real time monitoring of the status of stored fishing products
  • Improvement of forecast of phytosanitary treatments
  • Improvement in product traceability (identification of origin and denomination), and early discovery of anomalies in traceability systems

Healthcare Sector

  • Reduction of ineffectiveness in offers and rendering of healthcare services
  • Reduction of per capita health cost (especially in chronic patients), mostly in areas where big data and high performance computing can be applied
  • Saving in management of great data volumes and improvement of capacities for its processing
  • Improvement in access to customised and better quality treatments, without compromising public budgets
  • Development of support systems for clinical decisions, providing relevant information in due time to health professionals
  • Development of new diagnostic processes from multimode information linked to physiological signals
  • Remote continuous monitoring of patients for following rehabilitation processes


  • A greater effectiveness and control on operations by capturing and digitalising data from the extractive process, and multimode information integration
  • Quality improvement and a greater control of the same
  • Energy optimisation of processes and systems
  • Improvement in logistics of distribution systems
  • Reduction of environmental impact
  • Optimisation of stock management
  • Generation of new products based on sector raw materials and/or byproducts arising from production processes

DIH DATAlife is an initiative developed in the framework of the Galician Digital Innovation Hub Strategy, promoted by the Galicia Regional Administration through the Regional Ministry of Economy, Employment and Industry.

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O Hub DIH DATAlife é unha iniciativa que se desenvolve no marco da Estratexia Galega de Hubs de Innovación Dixitais, promovida pola Xunta de Galicia a través da Consellería de Economía, Emprego e Industria

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