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The EDIH DATAlife project provides two types of services completely free of charge through the consortium partners. If you ar a small, medium, or large company, or a public sector institution related to the key sectors of DATAlife (agro-see food, biotechnology, forestry-wood, and healthcare), fill out the form to receive the free services we offer below:

Technological services

The project focuses on the implementation of disruptive technologies that are not currently widespread and in validation and demonstration phases with great potential to increase the competitiveness of Galician companies and public administration.

  • Trace the route – Diagnostics and digitalization plans
  • Trace the route – Cybersecurity
  • Creation of sectoral data spaces (DATASpaces)
  • Demolabs
  • Applications of digital technologies – AI, IoT, HPC


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Ecosystem services

From the EDIH DATAlife project we are committed to promoting innovation, development, and collaboration in our ecosystem. Next, we leave you a small summary of the most outstanding services:

  • Support for sectorial digitalization policies
  • Mentoring for start-ups and technology companies
  • Design and validation of new business models
  • Consulting specialized in Intellectual Property
  • Training
  • Open calls

Take advantage of these opportunities to strengthen your business and maximize your potential!

Fill out the following form so that the DATAlife team can contact you and advise you on all the services that your entity can access based on your needs:

Steps to obtain services



Learn about the services we offer you from EDIH DATAlife: Ecosystem services or Technology services


Fill out the form to contact the project team


The team will contact you and advise you on all the services that your entity can access based on your needs


Once we assess the needs of your entity, we will guide you through the process so that you execute your objective

Terms of service

Financing modalities:

  • Mixed. 100% funded services can be managed through the PADIH-EOI, following the conditions established by the Escuela de Organización Industrial (EOI). These services are free for SMEs, since the EOI contributes 50% and the EDIH DATAlife project contributes the other half. Not all the services offered on this website are eligible for financing in this way, fill out the form and we will explain it to you!
  • Exclusive European Funding. Thanks to the concession of the EDIH DATAlife project, there ir the possibility of exclusively processing the services through this project. These have different limitations than those of the PADIH-EOI, which will be determined soon. These services are subsidized at 50%, while the other half would be provided by the SME, midcap, or public sector entity. All the services described on this website are funded by the project.

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DIH DATAlife is an initiative developed in the framework of the Galician Digital Innovation Hub Strategy, promoted by the Galicia Regional Administration through the Regional Ministry of Economy, Employment and Industry.

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