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If you want to receive the services we offer from the EDIH DATAlife project, you can fill out the form to participate. Once we obtain the basic information about the entity, we will contact you to make the first meeting with the team.

If you are a SME, Midcap, big company or public sector institution, you can participate in the project.

The project

The EDIH DATAlife project focuses on implementing disruptive technologies in validation and demonstration phases with great potential to increase the competitiveness of Galician companies and public administration, but little widespread at present. It is, therefore, necessary to support companies – especially SMEs – to facilitate their knowledge and adoption. The services will be collected in a catalogue and free for SMEs.

These will include advice for implementing new technologies and proofs of the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI), High-Performance Computing (HPC), or Internet of Things (IoT)


Increase the competitiveness of enterprises, and especially SMEs, through the adoption of AI and Big Data technologies, promoting the creation of federated data spaces and their collaborative exploitation.

Sharing best practices with other regions through its experts committee, with ambassadors at national and international level, and with strategic relations with the participation in DIHs collaboration networks.

Be a one-stop shop for services, providing companies with access to advanced digital solutions through modern infrastructures for experimentation and technology validation.

Work plan

WP1: Coordination and management

DATAlife will provide the methodology and tools for the project coordination, reporting to EC and evaluation, including reviews of the quality of services by peers, experts and other EDIHs.

WP2: Comunication and dissemination

In this work package will improve the visibility of DATAlife activities and services, ensuring proper communication and dissemination among the identified target groups.

WP3: EU relationships and networking

Will be devoted to establish and maximize connections at European level, with the participation of DATAlife in DTA activities and in those organised by the networks in which its members collaborate with.

WP4: Test before invest

Is focused on the availability of the main infrastructures to test, demonstrate, validate and implement digital solutions in IA, HPC, IoT and data analytics in regional companies and other innovation agents to increase their digital maturity and develop new applications for the selected value chains.

WP5: Digital training and skills

Will serve to increase the skills and knowledge of disruptive technologies in the DATAlife sectors of interest, through a training offer designed to match specific needs of the Galician workforce.

WP6: Ecosystem and networks

Will improve the knowledge of digital technologies and the adoption of digital strategies from a sectoral point of view, based on real needs and diagnosis, supporting authorities to develop policies and strategies. It will help SMEs with digitalization needs find solution providers.

WP7: Business support

We will promote the use of available funds for digitalisation, both public and private, through mentoring support from DATAlife members and by increasing the market maturity of innovations and their market creation potential.


Cluster da madeira de Galicia
USC - Universidade de Santiago
Anfaco Cecopesca

Project Information

EDIH DATAlife project

Grant Agreement ID: 101083755

Funded under





1 January 2023 – 31 December 2025


Total Cost (Euros)


EU Contribution (Euros)

Project progress

Progress 2%

DIH DATAlife is an initiative developed in the framework of the Galician Digital Innovation Hub Strategy, promoted by the Galicia Regional Administration through the Regional Ministry of Economy, Employment and Industry.

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