DATAlife went to the Business Center of Porto do Molle (Pontevedra) to talk abou Digital innovation in primary and biotechnology sectors. The presentation was aimed at the 15 startups selected within the seventh edition of the ViaGalicia acceleration programme.

The main objective of the programme is the acceleration of innovative and investable projects, which are accompanied in their validation, start-up, financing and maturation. Throughout these 10 years of activity, it should be noted that ViaGalicia has supported a total of 78 projects that created 550 jobs. Today, some of them are already consolidated and recognized companies.

With this, the ideal conditions are created for the development and consolidation of an entrepreneurship ecosystem in Galicia. In addition, it contributes to the generation of wealth in the environment, the diversification of the business fabric, the modernisation and digitalisation of the most traditional sectors, the transfer of knowledge and the attraction and retention of talent.

On this occasion, they have counted on the Hub to show the selected startups the current situation of the use of advanced technologies in the agro-livestock and biotechnology sector and some use cases.

Quality data for the agricultural sector and its implication were discussed. In addition, its need to be applied in precision agriculture and the relationship established between the size of the areas and the added value of the crops were exposed.

The state of the biotech sector in Galicia and the potential of the community to continue growing and where it is heading were also shown.

Here is the presentation with all the information: