DATAlife was one of the EDIHs selected to participate in a networking event held by Change2Twin. This is an EU-funded project that helps manufacturing SMEs implement digital twins, cooperating with Digital Innovation Hubs and digital innovation providers.

On November 16 and 17, we were in Rennes to participate in these conferences that led us to explore the latest achievements in digital twins and best practices to help SMEs on their path to digitalization.

Specifically, we had the opportunity to be part of a workshop dedicated to exploring collaboration between regional authorities and EDIHs/DIHs, focusing on how Change2Twin can help improve outcomes and foster the implementation of digital twin technology within local SMEs.

The main objective of  Change2Twin is to ensure that 100% of manufacturing companies in Europe have access to all the technologies needed to deploy a digital twin.

To this end, the project will adopt the best practices developed so far  in Innovation for SMEs Manufacturing (I4MS) to support them in their digitalisation efforts, focusing on the local support provided by DIHs and keeping cascading grants as accessible as possible.