On 25 January, DATAlife took part in the second national meeting of the European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs), which was held at the Bizkaia Science and Technology Park. Representatives of 22 regional EDIHs attended the conference with the aim of strengthening the cooperation network.

During the session, collaboration experiences were exchanged with national and international companies and general guidelines were established to address challenges such as digital transformation and the rise of advanced technologies.

The School of Industrial Organization (EOI) informed the EDIHs about the current status of the Support Program for Digital Innovation Hubs (PADIH), the initiative of the Ministry of Industry and Tourism (MINTUR) that seeks to improve the competitiveness of SMEs through advice for the implementation of digital technologies.

In addition, the latest updates on the evolution of the Digital Transformation Accelerator (DTA) were presented, a service initiative promoted by the European Commission (EC) that aims to consolidate and expand the network of EDIHs through networking, dissemination, cooperation and knowledge transfer activities.

During the meeting, ten success stories of collaborations between EDIHs and other economic agents, such as national and international companies or public administrations, were also presented. In this case, they counted on DATAlife to talk about The role of EDIHs in European projects.